Awesome Memories and Attractions

Bringing in thousands of golfers each year and hosting of the Ryder Cup (one of the biggest events in golf) has been organized at Hazeltine Golf Course. The Chaska Curling Center located downtown is the National Training Center for USA Curling. Recipient of botanical awards and home to one of the finest arboretums in the nation is the University of Minnesota Arboretum.

A Historical Outline and Timeline

Only 30 minutes from downtown Minneapolis, Chaska is a great community located in Carver Counter. Jonathan Carver discovered the land around 1776 and began a trading post. Brick-making began in 1857 due to the significant amounts of clay. Right until the 1950s and 1960s, the city was a little farming community and only had a population of 2,000 people.

High Performing Schools and Education in Carver County

Eastern Carver County Schools - District 112 has some of the best schools in the county. Students experience customized learning opportunities. The high school colors are gold and purple and the school mascot is a Hawk. The high school is part of the Metro West Conference, and they have won 15 State Championships.

Buyers Guide to What Smart Real Estate Agents Do For You

Buyers want real estate agents who will help: Smart realtors will help you as a buyer do the following: Tip Number 1: Describe in briefness and in detail the steps in the real estate transaction. Item Number 2: Highlight unnoticed characteristics and problems of homes. Item Number 3: Negotiate better on the purchase offer. Tip Number 4: Provide you with additional information and background of the neighborhoods in your search area. Tip Number 5: Give tips on how to best get ready for the home buying process. Tip Number 6: Look for other communities and areas that fit your criteria that you may have overlooked.

Impressive Trails and Parks to Enjoy

There is well over 570 acres of recreation area in the community, and more than 30 parks. Chaska is a dog-friendly community and Lions Park features 2 off leash dog areas for big dogs and smaller dogs. The city has multiple trails to walk and experience the outdoors year-round.

Check-list to Prepare Your Home Before Selling

Tip Number 1: Work from top to bottom to wipe down all surfaces with a thorough approach - use a ladder for hard to reach spaces and crawl under often forgotten areas. Tip Number 2: Start with your closets and eliminate as much clutter as you can. Tip Number 3: Tidy your pantry to make sure it looks neat and organized. Step Number 4: Dusting surfaces around your home, especially book cases is a good tip. Step Number 5: Brightly colored walls can be hard for buyers to imagine themselves in your home, so pick neutral colors such as white, gray or tan to refresh your interior walls. Step Number 6: Curb appeal is vital for buyers, and having a freshly painted front entrance, a new welcome mat and a large flower-pot can make a big difference.

Home Ownership Data To Consider

Close to seventy percent of residents own their houses and around 30 percent of the population rents. Before 1960, nearly 10 percent of homes in the community were constructed, which gives the housing inventory an older mix. There has been a lot of new construction in the community since 2000, with approximately 40 percent of homes less than 25 years old. With more than 10,000 housing units around the city, the majority of them (fifty five percent) are single family houses.