Homeownership and Home Rental Info to Consider

Approximately 70 percent of people own their homes and around 30 percent of the population rents. Prior to 1960, approximately ten percent of homes in the city were built, which gives the housing inventory an older mix. There has been a good amount of new construction in the city since 2000, with approx 40 percent of housing no more than 25 years old. Over-all housing units currently constructed are 10,295.

Tailored Public Education Experience

Eastern Carver County Schools (District 112) enjoys some of the top schools in the county. The schools are dedicated to exceptional individualized learning options for each student. Chaska High School attendance is approximately 1,500 students. The high school is part of the Metro West Conference, and has earned fifteen State Championships.

Simple Tips to Get More Money Selling Your Home

Step Number 1: Work from ceiling to floor to wipe down all surfaces with a meticulous approach - use a ladder for hard to reach spaces and crawl under often forgotten areas. Tip Number 2: Eliminate clutter on the floors, even the closet space. Step Number 3: The appearance of a well-kept home is important - so make sure to organize your pantry. Step Number 4: If you've got books or magazines, be sure they are dusted properly and put nicely in a display. Tip Number 5: Choose a neutral paint color (such as white, tan or gray) for almost any extremely colorful walls. Step Number 6: When you want to create an instant appeal for your home, spend some time clearing up the exterior entrance and pathway.