Steps to Sell Your 1st Home

Tip Number 1: Hire an experienced real estate agent. Step Number 2: Remove yourself from the process – try and imagine your home as a potential prospective buyers would. Step Number 3: It is advisable to price competitively - you don't want to overprice your home and have it sit on the market. Tip Number 4: Think about painting rooms neutral colors and stage the rooms to draw in more prospective buyers.

Fun Destinations and Adventures

One of the premier golf courses in the whole United States, Hazeltine Golf Course has hosted the Ryder Cup in 2016 and is planning to hold it in 2028. Stop by the nationally recognized curling center downtown and enjoy a meal at Crooked Pint. With breath-taking gardens, and year-round activities, the University of Minnesota Arboretum is a draw for locals and visitors.

A Historical Outline and Timeline

Only 30 minutes from Minneapolis, MN, Chaska is a great city located in Carver Counter. In 1776 as Jonathan Carver was searching for a destination to establish a trading post, he happened upon what is present-day Chaska. You can find great levels of clay in the area, which historically was used for brick making in the city which began in 1857. Tremendous population growth occurred right after 1960, with the expansion towards the suburbs.