Explore Top Destinations in the Area

Hazeltine Golf Course is regarded as one of the finest golf courses in the America and has hosted the world renowned Ryder Cup. Stop by the nationally recognized curling center downtown and enjoy a meal at Crooked Pint. With magnificent gardens, and year round activities, the UMN Arboretum is a draw for residents and guests.

How to Sell Your Home For More Money Without Spending a Fortune

Step Number 1: Take a thorough approach to cleaning your home – Wipe down all your wall surfaces, shelving, trim, doors and cabinets with regularly refreshed warm water as well as a small amount of Pine Sol. Tip Number 2: Eliminate clutter on the floors, even the closet space. Step Number 3: Tidy up your pantry to make certain that it looks neat and organized. Step Number 4: Dusting areas around your home, especially book shelves is a good idea. Step Number 5: To bring in more prospective buyers, pick a neutral color to paint walls that are in need of fresh paint or are extremely colorful. Step Number 6: clear the exterior of the home and incorporate yellow or reddish flowers in pots near the front porch to maximize curb appeal.

Realtor in Chaska, Minnesota

Stieg is one of the very best real estate professional in Chaska with more than 25 years of experience and over 50 5-star reviews from very pleased clients. As you search for local realtors in Chaska, Stieg has consistently been at the top of the list.

Significant Parks and Trails to Explore

There is more than 570 acres of park space in the community, and more than 30 parks. You can find two off leash dog areas for big dogs and smaller dogs at Lions Park. The River Bluffs LRT Trail begins in Chaska and goes north-east through Chanhassen and Chaska following an old railroad route.

Steps to Sell Your First Home

Step Number 1: Experienced real estate agents (who do more than 10 transactions per year) can provide excellent representation. Tip Number 2: Detach yourself from the process – try and imagine your home as a potential potential buyers would. Step Number 3: Don’t overprice – it is a lot easier to price competitively and try to produce a number of offers than it is to overprice and lose out by having to take price reductions. Step Number 4: Consider painting rooms neutral colors and stage the rooms to attract more prospective buyers.

What A Real Estate Agent Should Do For You

Buyers want real estate agents who will help: Good realtors will help you as a buyer do the following: Item Number 1: Be aware of the process. Item Number 2: Carefully assess the sellers disclosure statement to give you context to potential repairs or items to watch out for. Item Number 3: Negotiate better on the purchase offer. Item Number 4: Use their knowledge to share valuable neighborhood amenities and features you may have not considered. Tip Number 5: Give advice on how to best prepare yourself for the home buying process. Item Number 6: Fully grasp the most important things you'd like in a home and neighborhood and find other areas that may be a better fit.