Excellent Schools and Education in Carver County

You'll notice 4 cities that are supported by ISD 112 - Eastern Carver County Schools, which includes Chaska, Victoria, Carver and Chanhassen. Students experience customized learning programs. There's around 1,500 high school students that enroll in Chaska High School. The high school is part of the Metro West Conference, and they have earned fifteen State Championships.

Buyers Tips to What Excellent Realtors Do For You

Buyers want real estate agents who will help: Buyers really want real estate agents who will help: Tip Number 1: Provide you with understanding to how the process really works. Tip Number 2: Carefully review the sellers disclosure statement to provide you with context to likely repairs or items to look out for. Item Number 3: Posses effective communication and negotiation options to increase your value in the transaction. Item Number 4: Increase your knowledge of the area you are looking around. Tip Number 5: Talk about potential scenarios to help speed up your transaction time line. Tip Number 6: Enlarge the search area to find your perfect home.

Tips on How to Navigate Your First Real Estate Transaction

Step Number 1: Get in touch with at least a couple of local mortgage lenders at a credit union and mortgage broker to ensure you are getting the best financing deal you can – 1% makes a big difference on a home purchase! Step Number 2: Pay all of your bills on time in the last 12 months so you have a healthy credit score when applying for a mortgage. Step Number 3: Make a goal to save 5% of the purchase price for a home and open up a savings account.

Historical Developments Through the Years

Only 30 minutes from Minneapolis, MN, Chaska is a fantastic city located in Carver Counter. In 1776 when Jonathan Carver was searching for a place to establish a trading post, he happened upon what's present-day Chaska. In 1857, locals started making bricks due to the extensive amounts of clay in the area. Noticeable population growth took place after 1960, with the expansion towards the suburbs.

Great Walking Trail System Connecting the Community

There is well over 570 acres of recreation area in the city, and close to 30 parks. You can find 2 off-leash dog spaces for large dogs and small dogs at Lions Park. The city has multiple trails to get out and enjoy the outdoors year-round.