Discover Top Attractions in the Area

Drawing thousands of golfers annually and hosting of the Ryder Cup (one of the greatest events in golf) has been held at Hazeltine Golf Course. Countless city events are organized downtown all throughout the year featuring live music, food trucks and things to do for kids. The University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum borders Chaska and its exquisite gardens bring thousands of visitors every year.

Tailored Public Education Opportunities

Chaska has some of the top rated schools in Carver County, and is an integral part of Eastern Carver County Schools - District 112. Students experience personalized learning instruction. There are around 1500 high school students that attend Chaska High School. As a an important part of the Metro West Conference, the high school has excellent sports opportunities for school students.

A Historical Overview and Timeline

Found 25 miles southwest of downtown Minneapolis is the town of Chaska. Around 1776 when Jonathan Carver was looking for a place to establish a trading post, he stumbled upon what's present day Chaska. You can find significant levels of clay in the area, which historically was put to use for brick making in the city which began in 1857. The average population appeared to be an estimated 2,000 citizens right up until the 1950s and 1960s.

Information About Owning a Home

The city has a strong homeownership rate at approximately 70 percent, with the remaining 30 percent rent. As a result of its history starting out as a trading post, you can find a significant number of older residences compared to close by communities with twenty-five percent of residences built before 1980. There is a good range of older houses and newer homes to look at in the city, so there is something that suits you best. With more than 10,000 housing units around the city, the majority of them (fifty-five percent) are single family homes.

Tips to Sell Your Home For More Money Without Spending a Fortune

Step Number 1: Try using Pine-Sol and warm water to wipe down walls, shelves, trim, doors and cabinetry. Tip Number 2: Remove the number of items in your home - items can be temporarily stored in boxes, and even better to keep offsite in a storage unit. Step Number 3: The presentation of a kept up home is important - so make sure to organize your pantry. Step Number 4: If you've got books or magazines, be sure they are dusted thoroughly and put nicely in a display. Step Number 5: Brightly colored walls can be difficult for new home buyers to visualize themselves in your home, so choose neutral colors such as white, gray or tan to paint your interior walls. Tip Number 6: Curb appeal is invaluable for buyers, and having a freshly painted front entrance, a brand-new welcome mat and a large flower pot can make a big difference.

Excellent Trail System Connecting the Community

Providing a little over 30 parks, and hundreds of acres of parkland, the city has been doing a good job designed the trails and parks into the community. You'll notice 2 off-leash dog spaces for large dogs and small dogs at Lions Park. The Minnesota River Bluffs LRT trail begins in Chaska and goes north-east through Chanhassen and Chaska following an old railroad route.