Excellent Bike Trails and Park Areas

Offering more than 30 parks, and hundreds of acres of park space, the city has done a good job integrated the parks and trail system into the neighborhoods of the community. Chaska is a dog-friendly community and Lions Park has 2 off leash dog areas for big dogs and small dogs. One of the more well known trails in the community is the River Bluffs LRT Trail which is running for 15 miles northeast through surrounding cities.

A Historical Overview and Timeline

Chaska is located 25 miles southwest of downtown Minneapolis in Carver County. Around 1776 as Jonathan Carver was looking for a destination to establish a trading post, he happened upon what is present-day Chaska. In 1857, locals started making bricks thanks to the significant levels of clay in the area. The average population was approximately 2,000 citizens up until the 1950s and 1960s.

Tailored Public Education Experience

Eastern Carver County Schools - District 112 features some of the top schools in the county. The schools are devoted to exceptional personalized learning programs for every single student. Chaska High School attendance is around 1500 students. With a solid athletic program, the high school has earned 15 State Championships and plays in the Metro West Conference.

Check-list to Prepare Your Home Before Selling

Step Number 1: Work from top to bottom to clean all surfaces with a meticulous approach - use a ladder for hard to reach spots and crawl under often overlooked areas. Step Number 2: Start with your closets and remove as much clutter as you can. Tip Number 3: Tidy your kitchen pantry to make sure it looks neat and organized. Step Number 4: straighten out book shelves and dust around and between the books. Step Number 5: Pick a neutral paint color (such as white, tan or gray) for any extremely colorful walls. Step Number 6: clear the exterior of the home and include things like yellow-colored or red flowers in pots around the front-porch to increase curb appeal.

Homeownership and Home Rental Information to Consider

Approx seventy percent of people own their homes and close to 30 percent of the population rents. An estimated twenty-five percent of homes were built before 1980 and nearly 10 percent were built before 1960. There's definitely a good range of older houses and newer houses to look at in the city, so there is something that fits you best. With more than 10,000 housing units around the city, the majority of them (55 percent) are single family houses.

Discover Best Attractions in the Area

One of the premier golf courses in the entire US, Hazeltine Golf Course has hosted the Ryder Cup in 2016 and is scheduled to host it in 2028. The Chaska Curling Center operating downtown is the National Training Center for USA Curling. Recipient of botanical awards and the home of one of the finest arboretums in the nation is the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.