Low Cost Tips to Sell Your Home For More Money

Tip Number 1: Use Pine-Sol and warm water to wipe down walls, shelving, trim, doors and cabinets. Step Number 2: Reduce clutter on the ground, even the closets. Step Number 3: Organize your pantry - this shows attention to detail and puts future buyers at ease. Tip Number 4: Dusting areas around your home, as well as book cases is a good tip. Tip Number 5: Pick a neutral paint color (such as white, tan or gray) for any brightly colored walls. Step Number 6: clear the exterior of the home and include yellow or red flowers in planting containers around the front-porch to maximize curb appeal.

Home Ownership Info To Keep In Mind

Approx seventy percent of people own their homes and close to 30 percent of the population rents. Approximately 25 percent of houses were constructed before 1980 and almost ten percent were built before 1960. Since 2000, over 40 percent of homes in the community have been constructed, so there is a mix of newer and older homes. With over 10,000 housing units in the city, the majority of them (fifty five percent) are single family houses.

From Small Settlement to Popular Suburb

Located 25 miles southwest of Minneapolis is the town of Chaska. Jonathan Carver discovered the land in 1776 and set up a trading post. You can find great levels of clay in the region, which historically was put to use for brick making in the city which began in 1857. The average population was an estimated 2,000 citizens up until the 1950s and 1960s.

Realtor in Chaska, MN

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