From Small Settlement to Popular Suburb

Only 30 minutes from downtown Minneapolis, Chaska is a wonderful community located in Carver Counter. The city was initially established to be a trading post, and was visited by Jonathan Carver in 1776. Brick-making began in 1857 as a result of the large amounts of clay. Until the 1950s and 1960s, the city was a humble farming community and only had a population of 2,000 people.

Real Estate Agents in Chaska MN

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How-to Sell Your Home For More Money Without Spending a Fortune

Tip Number 1: Use Pine-Sol and warm water to wipe down wall surfaces, shelves, trim, doors and cabinets. Step Number 2: Remove clutter on the ground, even the closet space. Tip Number 3: Organize your pantry - this shows attention to detail and puts future buyers at ease. Tip Number 4: Dusting surfaces around your home, including book shelves is a good tip. Step Number 5: Pick a neutral paint color (such as white, tan or gray) for almost any extremely colorful walls. Tip Number 6: Curb appeal is crucial for buyers, and featuring a freshly painted door, a new welcome mat and a large flower pot can make a big impression.

Quality Walking Trails and Park Areas

Offering a little over 30 parks, and hundreds of acres of recreation area, the city has done a very good job integrated the trails and parks into the neighborhoods of the community. Enjoy some off leash time along with your dog at Lions Park, which contains some wooded areas to run aroundand exercise. On the list of more well known trails in the community is the Minnesota River Bluffs LRT trail which is running for 15 miles northeast through surrounding cities.

Home Ownership Details To Keep In Mind

The city has a strong homeownership rate at close to seventy percent, with the remaining 30 percent rent. As a result of its history beginning as a trading post, there is a noticeable number of older houses compared to surrounding communities with twenty five percent of homes built pre-1980. There's definitely a good assortment of older homes and newer homes to choose from in the city, so there is something that fits you best. 55 percent of houses are single family detached, followed by 16 percent single family attached (townhomes and twin homes).