Fun Destinations and Activities To Do

Drawing thousands of golf players every year and hosting of the Ryder Cup (one of the greatest events in golf) has been held at Hazeltine Golf Course. Lots of community events are organized downtown throughout the year featuring live music, food trucks and outdoor activities for kids. With breath taking gardens, and year round events, the UMN Arboretum is a draw for locals and guests.

Outstanding Schools and Education in Carver County

Eastern Carver County Schools (District 112) boasts some of the top schools in the county. Every single student is seen as a unique individual and the schools work to ensure exceptional personalized learning opportunities are available. There are around 1,500 students that enroll in Chaska High School. The high school is part of the Metro West Conference, and has won fifteen State Championships.

From Small Settlement to Popular Suburb

Located 25 miles southwest of Minneapolis, MN is the community of Chaska. Jonathan Carver discovered the land in 1776 and began a trading post. Brick-making began in 1857 as a result of the considerable levels of clay. Great population growth happened after 1960, with the expansion towards the suburbs.

Homeownership and Home Rental Data to Consider

The city has a strong homeownership rate at around seventy percent, with the remaining thirty percent rent. An estimated 25 percent of houses were built pre-1980 and approximately 10 percent were built prior to 1960. There's definitely a good range of older homes and newer houses to look at in the community, so you can find something that fits you best. Total housing units currently built are 10,295.

Simple Methods to Get More Money Selling Your Home

Step Number 1: Use Pine-Sol and warm water to wipe down wall surfaces, shelves, trim, doors and cabinetry. Tip Number 2: Eliminate the amount of items in your home - belongings can be temporarily put away in boxes, and even better to keep off-site in a storage unit. Step Number 3: Tidy your pantry to ensure it looks neat and orderly. Tip Number 4: If you have books or magazines, ensure they are dusted thoroughly and put neatly in a display. Tip Number 5: Brightly colored walls can be challenging for prospective buyers to imagine themselves in your home, so choose neutral colors such as white, gray or tan to refresh your interior walls. Step Number 6: Curb appeal is important for buyers, and having a freshly painted front entrance, a new welcome mat and a large flower-pot can make a big difference.

Awesome Walking Trail System Connecting the Neighborhoods

Offering a little over 30 parks, and hundreds of acres of park space, the city has been doing a good job integrated the parks and trail system into the neighborhoods of the community. You'll notice two off-leash dog spaces for large dogs and small dogs at Lions Park. The Minnesota River Bluffs LRT trail begins in Chaska and runs north-east through Chanhassen and Chaska following an old railroad route.