A Historical Outline and Timeline

Just 30 minutes from downtown Minneapolis, Chaska is a great suburb located in Carver Counter. The town was initially set up as a trading post, and was visited by Jonathan Carver around 1776. Brick-making began in 1857 due to the significant amounts of clay. The average population appeared to be around 2,000 citizens until the 1950s and 1960s.

How-to Sell Your Home For More Money Without Spending a Fortune

Step Number 1: Take a meticulous approach to cleaning your home – Wipe down all your wall surfaces, shelves, trim, doors and cabinets with frequently refreshed warm water and a small amount of Pine Sol. Step Number 2: Get started with your closets and reduce as much clutter as you possibly can. Step Number 3: The presentation of a kept up home is noteworthy - so ensure to organize your pantry. Tip Number 4: straighten out book cases and dust around and in-between the books. Tip Number 5: To appeal to more buyers, choose a neutral color to paint walls that may need fresh paint or are extremely colorful. Step Number 6: Curb appeal is important for buyers, and having a freshly painted door, a brand-new welcome mat and a large flower-pot can make a big difference.

Outstanding Academics and Athletics

ISD 112 - Eastern Carver County Schools features some of the top schools in the county. The schools are focused on exceptional personalized learning opportunities for each individual student. The school colors are purple and gold and the mascot is a Hawk. With a strong athletic program, the high school has earned 15 State Championships and competes in the Metro West Conference.

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Home Ownership Facts To Keep In Mind

Rentals can sometimes be a bit easier to find when compared to neighboring cities north of the river, with around 30 percent of houses available to rent, and the large percentage (seventy percent) of residential properties are homeowners. Prior to 1960, approximately 10 percent of residences in the city were constructed, offering the housing inventory an older mix. There's a good assortment of older homes and newer homes to look at in the community, so you can find something that suits you best. With over 10,000 housing units around the city, the majority of them (fifty five percent) are single family houses.