Explore Popular Destinations in the Area

Drawing in thousands of golfers each year and hosting of the Ryder Cup (one of the greatest events in golf) has been held at Hazeltine Golf Course. The Chaska Curling Center situated downtown is the National Training Center for USA Curling. With stunning gardens, and year-round activities, the University of Minnesota Arboretum is a draw for locals and guests.

Fantastic School District

Chaska has some of the highest rated schools in Carver County, and it is a part of Eastern Carver County Schools - District 112. The schools are devoted to exceptional personalized learning programs for each and every student. The high school colors are gold and purple and the mascot is a Hawk. With a solid athletic program, the high school has won 15 State Championships and plays with the Metro West Conference.

How to Sell Your Home For More Money Without Spending a Fortune

Tip Number 1: Try using Pine-Sol and warm water to wipe down walls, shelving, trim, doors and cabinetry. Tip Number 2: Remove the amount of items in your home - items can be temporarily put away in boxes, and even better to keep off-site in a storage space. Step Number 3: Organize your pantry - this indicates attention to detail and puts prospective buyers at ease. Step Number 4: If you've got books or magazines, ensure they are dusted carefully and put nicely in a display. Tip Number 5: To bring in more prospective buyers, choose a neutral color to paint walls that are in need of fresh paint or are extremely colorful. Step Number 6: When you wish to create an instant desire for your home, spend some time cleaning the exterior entryway and pathway.

Excellent Trail System Connecting the Neighborhoods

You can find so many places to recreate in the city with 570 acres of parkland and a little over 30 parks to discover. Spend some off-leash time together with your dog at Lions Park, which includes some wooded spots to play aroundand exercise. One of the more well known trails in the area is the Minnesota River Bluffs LRT trail which runs for 15 miles northeast through neighboring cities.

From Quiet Settlement to Very Popular Suburb

Only 30 minutes from downtown Minneapolis, Chaska is a fantastic city located in Carver Counter. In 1776 as Jonathan Carver was looking for a destination to establish a trading post, he stumbled upon what's current day Chaska. Brick-making launched in 1857 because of the the significant levels of clay. Substantial population growth took place right after 1960, with the expansion towards the suburbs.

Homeownership and Home Rental Data to Evaluate

The city has a healthy home ownership rate at around seventy percent, with the other thirty percent rent. As a result of its history beginning as a trading post, there is a noticeable number of older properties compared to surrounding communities with 25 percent of residences built pre-1980. There's been a lot of new construction in the city since 2000, with approximately 40 percent of housing no more than 25 years old. fifty five percent of houses are single family detached, followed by sixteen percent single family attached (townhomes and twin homes).

Real Estate Services in Chaska, Minnesota

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