What A Realtor Should Do For You

If you are looking to buy a home, this is what an experienced real estate agent will help do: If you are looking to purchase a home, here's what an experienced real estate professional will help do: Item Number 1: Understand the process. Tip Number 2: Uncover overlooked items that may be of value or retract from the value. Tip Number 3: Assess the contract and negotiate more effectively on your behalf. Tip Number 4: Show you additional insights and background of the neighborhoods in your search area. Item Number 5: Shorten your home search time frame. Item Number 6: Understand the most critical things you want in a home and neighborhood and find other locations that may be a better fit.

Excellent Walking Trails and Park Areas

Providing more than 30 parks, and hundreds of acres of park space, the city has done a great job integrated the parks and trails into the neighborhoods of the community. There are two off-leash dog areas for big dogs and small dogs at Lions Park. The city has various trails to get out and appreciate the outdoors year round.

Homeownership and Home Rental Info to Consider

The city has a healthy homeownership rate at around 70 percent, with the remaining thirty percent rent. Around twenty five percent of residences were built pre-1980 and approximately ten percent were built before 1960. Since 2000, more than 40 percent of housing in the community have been constructed, so you can find a mix of newer and older homes. With more than 10,000 housing units in the city, the majority of them (fifty-five percent) are single family homes.

From Small Settlement to Desirable Suburb

Positioned 25 miles southwest of Minneapolis, MN is the town of Chaska. Jonathan Carver explored the land around 1776 and set up a trading post. Brick-making launched in 1857 due to the significant levels of clay. Until the 1950s and 1960s, the city was a quiet farming community and only had a population of 2,000 citizens.

Ideas on How to Navigate Your First Real Estate Transaction

Step Number 1: Go over your monthly finances to see how much money you can invest and check with a couple of mortgage lenders to get a good deal. Step Number 2: Put a plan in place to pay your bills on time, as mortgage companies give better loans if you have a higher credit score. Tip Number 3: Commit to a goal to save 5% of the purchase price for a home and open a savings account.

Personalized Public Education Opportunities

Chaska has many of the highest rated schools in Carver County, and it is a part of Eastern Carver County Schools - District 112. Each and every student is seen as a unique individual and the schools function to ensure exceptional individualized learning opportunities are provided. There are around 1,500 students that attend Chaska High School. As a part of the Metro West Conference, the high school displays excellent sports opportunities for students.

Explore Best Attractions in the Area

One of the best golf courses in the entire country, Hazeltine Golf Course has hosted the Ryder Cup in 2016 and is slated to host it in 2028. Drop by the nationally recognized curling center downtown and enjoy a bite to eat at Crooked Pint. Recipient of botanical honors and the home of one of the top arboretums in the nation is the University of Minnesota Arboretum.