Historical Developments Over The Years

Just 30 minutes from downtown Minneapolis, Chaska is a great community located in Carver Counter. In 1776 as Jonathan Carver was looking for a place to establish a trading post, he happened upon what's present day Chaska. In 1857, people began making bricks because of the immense levels of clay close by. Great population growth occurred right after 1960, with the expansion towards the suburbs.

Explore Top Attractions in the Area

Hazeltine Golf Course is amongst the top golf courses in the America and has hosted the world renowned Ryder Cup. Stop by the nationally recognized curling center in town and enjoy a meal at Crooked Pint. Recipient of botanical honors and home to one of the top arboretums in the country is the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.

Finding Real Estate Services in Chaska, MN

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Information About Home Ownership

Rentals can sometimes be a bit easier to find compared to neighboring cities north of the river, with close to 30 percent of houses available to rent, and the majority (seventy percent) of residential properties are homeowners. Before 1960, nearly ten percent of residences in the community were constructed, offering the housing inventory an older mix. Since 2000, as much as 40 percent of homes in the community have been constructed, so you can find a mix of newer and older homes. With just over 10,000 housing units in the city, the majority of them (55 percent) are single family homes.

Remarkable Trails and Parks to Explore

There are numerous places to recreate in the area with 570 acres of parkland and a little over 30 parks to enjoy. Enjoy some off leash time along with your dog at Lions Park, which includes some wooded spots to run aroundand exercise. The city has various trails to get out and enjoy the outdoors year-round.

Tips on How to Navigate Your First Real Estate Transaction

Tip Number 1: Check with at least a couple of local mortgage lenders at a credit union and mortgage broker to ensure you are getting the best financing deal possible – 1% makes a huge difference on a home purchase! Step Number 2: Strong credit will help you to save money and get a more desirable mortgage product, so make sure you have on time payments for your bills for at least 12 months. Step Number 3: Make a goal to save 5% of the purchase price for a home and open up a savings account.

What A Real Estate Professional Should Do For You

If you are looking to purchase a home, here's what an experienced realtor will help do: Buyers really want realtors who will help: Item Number 1: Help you achieve understanding to how the process works. Tip Number 2: Thoroughly assess the sellers disclosure statement to give you context to potential repairs or items to be aware of. Tip Number 3: Negotiate better on the purchase contract. Item Number 4: Utilize their knowledge to share valuable neighborhood conveniences and qualities you may have not considered. Tip Number 5: Discuss potential scenarios to help speed up your transaction time line. Item Number 6: Look for other neighborhoods and areas that fit your guidelines that you may have not considered.