From Quiet Settlement to Very Popular Suburb

Only 30 minutes from Minneapolis, Chaska is a wonderful suburb located in Carver Counter. Jonathan Carver visited the area in 1776 and set up a trading post. In 1857, people started making bricks because of the extensive levels of clay close by. Substantial population growth occurred after 1960, with the expansion towards the suburbs.

Experience Best Destinations in the Area

Hazeltine Golf Course is regarded as one of the finest golf courses in the country and has hosted the world-renowned Ryder Cup. The Chaska Curling Center based downtown is the National Training Center for USA Curling. Recipient of botanical awards and home to one of the best arboretums in the nation is the University of Minnesota Arboretum.

Finding Realtors in Chaska, MN

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Homeownership and Home Rental Details to Evaluate

Rentals tend to be a little easier to find compared to neighboring cities north of the river, with around 30 percent of houses available to rent, and the large percentage (seventy percent) of properties are homeowners. With its history beginning as a trading post, you can find a significant number of older homes compared to nearby communities with twenty five percent of houses constructed before 1980. Since 2000, up to 40 percent of housing in the community have been built, so you can find a mix of newer and older homes. 55 percent of houses are single family detached, followed by sixteen percent single family attached (townhomes and twin homes).

Excellent Bike Trail System Connecting the Neighborhoods

You will see numerous places to recreate in the area with 570 acres of park space and upwards of 30 parks to discover. There are two off leash dog spaces for big dogs and smaller dogs at Lions Park. The city has countless trails to bike and experience the outdoors year-round.

First Time Buyer Steps

Tip Number 1: Take a look at your monthly resources to see exactly how much money you can spend and contact a couple of mortgage lenders to get a good deal. Step Number 2: Strong credit will help you to save money and get a more desirable mortgage product, so make sure you have on time payments for your bills for at least 12 months. Tip Number 3: Establish a savings account and commit to a goal to save 5% of the purchase price for a home.

What A Real Estate Agent Should Do For You

Good realtors will help you as a buyer do the following: If you are looking to purchase a home, here's what an experienced real estate agent will help do: Tip Number 1: Help you achieve clarity to how the process really works. Tip Number 2: Discover disregarded items that may be of value or retract from the value. Item Number 3: Negotiate better on the purchase offer. Item Number 4: Improve your awareness of the area you are looking around. Item Number 5: Look at probable scenarios to help expedite your transaction time line. Item Number 6: Look for other neighborhoods and areas that fit your guidelines that you may have overlooked.